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For anyone that doesn't know, I have an account on another art website called RedBubble.… I post a lot of my best pictures on there, some of which are on here as well. I will be spending more time on there than here.
Yep, another "sorry" entry. Sorry about the delays of my posts. I haven't had the time.
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Happy Easter everyone! :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Sorry about and re-uploaded pictures of mine on your inbox. I had to do some adjusting.
hey everybody, I lost my cord thingy that downloads my pictures to the computer, so I won't be uploading soon. :noes:
Happy New Year everyone!!
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Merry Christmas to everyone! And happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, everything! :D
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I'm very sorry if I don't thank anyone for favoriting,adding to watch, etc. It's probably because I accidentally deleted it. :(
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I'll be going somewhere that has a lot of flowers & stuff, so anyone who is a fan of my flower and/or plant pictures, stay tuned!
sorry if a bunch of my pictures popped up in your in box. I had to fix a few things. :(
there are a lot of things I want to take pictures of, but my camera can't focus on it. :(
I'm having a lot of trouble with taking pictures :iconimhorrifiedplz: can anyone give me some advice on macro photos? :noes:
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I love taking photos of clouds because they are never the same or "ever-changing" if you will.  As the wind blows, so does the art.
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there are so may amazing things I could take pictures of, but I never have my camera! >-<
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alright, my computer is fixed! :D I'll be uploading again soon. :)
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there's not much to take pictures of now..  I've taken pictures of most or all of the "artsy" things in my area that I can think of.  I might not be uploading pictures as often. sorry :noes:
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I tried drawing something today but.. it sucked. :noes: I guess I'll just stick to photography.
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happy late Halloween :D
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Finally found a picture that is 50x50!
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First day on DeviantART!